What we do & How we do it.

In a maze of information and e-world, are you lost?
We are an Internet marketing company – in design, maintenance and marketing of our customers needs through web and other resources. Please continue to see how we do it.


A professional practice
to give expert advice
within a particular field,
especially business.

market Research

This is our first step.

A dedicated team, using the latest tools, will very systematically help understand the dynamics and process the gathered information to your advantage.

Define your targeted audience and know them better.

Aim precisely and watch the results appear.

Product marketing

The classic principles of marketing and the 4Ps are still prevalent but have evolved in the arena of e-marketing.

The focus is on driving the social media to your product and placing it in the virtual market but with real sale.

Let us do it for we know it.

Business Plan

Beyond the startups and the launches of the products, we go with the socials, holding your hands and taking you on the information highway – with a consolidated business plan – let you future shine

"Solutions for all software and website related queries"

Naveen Gupta

Business Strategy

Be ‘one up’ on the competition. We help you stay on the top.



Well oiled processes are made with stringent internal controls to keep you back-office running smoothly – autopilot mode.

Financial Advising

If needed, arrangements can be made subject to eligibility and availability of finance. Moreover, sourcing and cost of capital as well as other factors are too kept in mind.

INformation Tech

We maintain strict security measures and use reliable, industry standard services.

Product Design

The product design as well as the user interface is of top standards in the industry. Our team of experts in the field are competent to provide the best of the experience.

Human Resources

Though we do not perform these functions ourselves, we do have reliable resources at our disposal to fulfill all such needs.

Our Process

The longest of the process starts with a simple step.

1. Inquiry

We conduct the process of inquiry on your behalf and compare with the existing systems and processes.

Each case is then studied in details.

2. Case Study

Observation of each parameter is done and analysed using the ‘what if’ and ITTT techniques.

Parallels are drawn to existing cases if known and analysed.

The competition is analysed also.

3. Research

Research is done if any available facility is done for we do not want to ‘reinvent the wheel’ as they say but surely can improve its performance. If none available then the process may take longer but surely the objectives are acheived.

4. Launch

Once the above process is completed, we proceed to launch the newly developed product, interface, website.

A/B testing and other methods are followed over a period combined with analytics and other powerful tools like the AI.

Final implementation is done soon thereafter, once the satisfactory results are acheived.

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